Corrective Exercise in Franklin, TN

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Corrective Exercises

Chiropractic care is a wonderful way to ensure you are living your best life. With our wide variety of services and knowledgeable staff, we will help get you back in tip top shape before the next big event!

With a team of chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists who work together to create the perfect plan for your body’s needs.

We address every ailment you could have with our one-stop shop! It doesn’t matter if it’s neck pain or chronic back problems – we’re here to help.

For a healthy spine, we offer corrective exercise. From mitigating existing pain to preventing future injuries, our mission is your long-term wellness.

In this passage, you can learn how to combat the negative effects of stress by strengthening your spine. Do exercises such as yoga and pilates to strengthen it! You’ll begin to experience better posture and pain relief in a safe, natural way.

Who is corrective exercise designed for?

Corrective exercise is a great way to get started on your fitness journey regardless of current health or level. If you’re looking for an approach that will help fortify, prevent future injuries and strengthen problem areas in the body then this form may be perfect! So whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or feel absolutely healthy, corrective exercise can assist you.

Each individual at Advanced Health Chiropractic will receive a personalized plan of activities to do for corrective exercise. The professional chiropractor here will guide you in the proper form and methods to hold your weight, move your knees, and not overextend your spine from injury or overuse. These movements won’t just help build back strength and improve on an existing spinal condition; they can also have positive effects on posture as well as energy levels!

When choosing the exercises which are appropriate for you, our team of experts will factor in how long it’s taken you to recover from injury before and other elements. They’ll work together with you on a customized corrective exercise plan that factors in where your at right now during this phase of your health journey.

The majority of the exercises can be carried out in your home, but if you feel any discomfort and prefer to have professional oversight, we will accommodate that. The time it takes each day for these small chores is nothing when compared to the immense benefits they’ll provide for you as well.

How will a chiropractor help?

We have chiropractors in Brentwood, Cool Springs, Thompson Station and Nolensville that will help you achieve your health goals. They can integrate corrective exercises into an overall plan for wellness so everything works together to get the best results possible as quickly as they can. Whether rehabilitation or prevention, we’ll help you get through the exercises and achieve your wellness goals. We have a deep understanding of how your body works as a whole, structurally and systematically which gives you the advantage of benefiting from our expertise for diagnosing and screenings conditions and helping you recover quickly.

What other services can I pair with corrective exercise?

We have many services at Advanced Health and Wellness Center to help get you well even faster. From traditional chiropractic care, trigger point therapy, and infrared sauna – we can provide the tools necessary for quick recovery! If you’re interested in more information about corrective exercises, other wellness services, or want to schedule an appointment, call us at (615) 905-0120!

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