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Dr. Travis Morgan, D.C. graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic school in 2009 and as spent the last 12 years pursuing the latest in spine care. 

He insists on bringing the most reliable techniques and cutting-edge new technologies to unlock the vitality and health his patients deserve. 

It is not enough to bring a new gadget into the office. Dr. Morgan is passionate about mastering each technique and understanding how it fits into the whole picture. 

He and his wife, Leslie, reside in Franklin Tennessee with their three children Rhett, Tate, and Landry. 

Outside of his practice, he enjoys playing golf, coaching his sons’ sports, and working out. He’s an avid fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and Tennessee Titans.

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Why Advanced Health & Wellness?

Because your results matter. At Advanced Health & Wellness, we help the body find alignment, well-being, and therefore natural pain relief. This lets us work alongside you to create and execute a plan of action to help you achieve your overall health goals in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.  

We do this by staying on top of modern Chiropractic solutions, providing today’s most comprehensive care, and utilizing innovative technologies.  

We combine chiropractic care, soft tissue therapy and/or dry needling, functional rehabilitation, and cutting-edge laser therapy in a synergistic treatment plan.  

By combining Modalities, we can deliver lasting results faster and save you time and money.

We are passionate about helping Nashville and the surrounding suburbs of Cool Springs, Brentwood, Spring Hill, Nolensville, and Thompson Station find their ultimate health. By constantly researching and training in the latest, scientifically backed modalities, we are able to bring solutions that other practitioners may not know about. Chiropractor Franklin TN provides the utmost chiropractor care designed and customized, along with needed routine adjustments, to each patient with guaranteed results. Visit us today for optimal results with the best chiropractic team in the health care field.

Chiropractor Services

The goal at Advanced Health & Wellness is to restore balance to these systems through spinal adjustments to allow your body to function, move, and heal the way it was designed in its natural complexity. Alleviating pinched nerves and can make a massive difference in the day-to-day life of our patients, improving your body's condition and health goals. From treatments after an auto accident to alleviating chronic back pain and improving quality of life, we are here to help.

Class IV K-Laser Therapy

K-Laser-Laser Therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light (red and near-infrared) to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal. The effects of laser energy include improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling. We can target trigger points and acupuncture points to provide faster musculoskeletal relief. This is a holistic treatment alongside our other modalities to speed healing and help our patients to get better results faster. It's noninvasive and is an optimal medical addition to our chiropractic care toolset to provide the utmost health and wellness care for pain relief.

Dry Needling

This is a form of soft tissue treatment that is commonly used in health care to treat pain and soft tissue issues by stimulating underlying myofascial trigger points, as well as muscular and connective tissues for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments. Dry Needling or "trigger point therapy" is similar to acupuncture but follows evidence-based medical guidelines. It pairs well with the other treatments at Advanced Health & Wellness to deliver faster pain relief ranging from lower back and neck pain. We have the experience and tools to get you back in the game. If you're looking for relief from chronic neck pain or back pain Chiropractic Franklin TN provides quality chiropractic care for optimal results.

Spinal Decompression

This is a spinal therapy that uses a motorized device to stretch the spine. This allows a negative pressure or vacuum effect to be created in the spinal discs to hydrate and nourish the disc as well as retracting or reducing a disc bulge or herniation. This type of therapy is very effective in reducing chronic neck/lower back pain, muscular tightness, pain from degenerative or arthritic spinal joints, sciatica, and disc bulges/herniations. If you have long-standing back pain that other practices haven't been able to resolve, talk to us about Spinal Decompression to see if it can provide pain relief

Corrective Exercise

Functional rehabilitation is a prescribed rehabilitative restoration program that is designed to provide comprehensive treatment of an injury to our patients. The goal of this care is to work in conjunction with your chiropractic treatments to provide more long-term results by retraining the body to move more effectively and the way it was designed to move. By removing restrictions and strengthening weak muscles, we can help you heal chronic pain and reduce the number of recurring chiropractic treatments that you need.

Our Services

Family wellness is essential for a healthy and productive lifestyle. Our knowledgeable staff gives evaluations to examine issues that relate to issues relating to different ages—from children to adulthood. Our chiropractic practice provides relief from the first appointment; targeting injury-related or chronic issues while also providing full evaluations to keep our patients happy and pain-free.

As a child, growing pains can be, well, painful. We provide pediatric care to our young patients that need an adjustment to alleviate growing pains. Health and wellness are especially important at a young age as they can influence movement or injury patterns in the future. Relieving pain issues or alleviating growth pains are important for young ones. Here at Chiropractic Franklin TN, we provide the chiropractic care needed to keep our young patients healthy and active!

It’s not uncommon for athletes to obtain an injury related to their sport. Addressing said injury is essential in preventing future chronic issues and providing relief. Sports involve a wide range of movements, some causing tweaks in the spine and surrounding areas which usually comes across as lower back or just plain back pain. Others have neck pain due to the quick movements involved with “keeping the eye on the ball.” The life of an athlete can be ridden with discomfort and muscular tightness if an injury is not evaluated. At our center, we provide a natural manipulation of the area to encourage improvement and shorten recovery time while also providing therapy to achieve further positive results.

At our center, we work with a range of patients that change based on age, injury, and lifestyle. Our goal is to customize our treatments toward the specific symptoms that are causing pain. We provide chiropractic care that creates results and happy patients all around. Sometimes a pain-free life is just a chiropractic adjustment away!

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Pain Relief

A misaligned spine can contribute to chronic pain and discomfort and affect the nervous system, causing symptoms such as headaches, muscle spasms, and other conditions that can be detrimental to your quality of life. Proper spinal alignment can help you find headache relief and avoid aches without resorting to pain medication and meet your wellness goals, and encourage your body’s ability to find optimal health.

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